Even a bad result is a result…

Aah the mantra of research postgrads everywhere. Hi. I have just had the honour of finishing my doctorate in chemistry. I am 26 and from Ireland. In 3 years of experiments I completed all the work, and in the subsequent 3 months my thesis was borne. During the 3 years, my life went through an upheaval, and now after finding work and my first post doc, I am trying to get my life back on track. From the anxiety attacks last summer to moving to the Czech Republic, I want to map my progress. Maybe this may be helpful to those who are currently beginning the post graduate life, as I’m sure it will offer many cringeworthy lessons. Image

The monolith snake. This was not a good result, but it changed my method of approach.

I promise, this blog will NOT be science heavy.


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2 responses to “Even a bad result is a result…”

  1. foreveranequestrian says :

    At the risk of sounding like an idiot, what’s a ‘monolith snake’?

    • sineadface says :

      Well in the photo there is a polymer monolith (a polymer type of honeycomb structure) inside a tube. This type of monolith is used under high pressures with liquids pumping through. When the monolith detatched from the wall of the tube it came out, I thought it looked rather snakey 🙂

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