Step 1: getting out of dodge

We left our lovely apartment, which we had called home for 2 years. Many parties were had, as well as movie nights, and after pub sessions. After leaving home for a number of years, you tend to collect a lot of stuff, mostly crap, but some of it you’re attached to. We packed our stuff up over a week, with about 6 hours sleep during the final weekend. I had my very first McDonalds breakfast, it was alright, definitely an experience!


Bye bye awesome apartment 😦 

So we moved home, and spent the entire month of December with our families. Christmas was extra special that year. Decorating the family tree for the first time in years, and baking with my mother. It was the picture of Christmas. On Christmas day all the family were over for Kris Kindle, and we had a whopper of a day!


The clan, having a banter and some snacks. 

The time spent at home made leaving so much more difficult. I knew at the airport it would be hard, I didn’t think it would affect me so much.

Tears and hugs were had, as the time passed in front of that stupid gigantic horse painting in terminal 2! God, I hate that horse. Walking away we looked back just before we entered the door to security, and waved one last time.

So what did we do then? We went to the champagne bar in T2, with the aim to calm our nerves. Then I started to cry again, then he started to cry again. This was the biggest challenge we had undertaken, of course it was going to affect us.


 Jim at the airport with our champagne. Twas yummy! 

So we were on our way, and we had no idea what to expect when we got there. We took a weekend in Prague to get used to the Czech way, and of course to sight-see in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


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