Step 2: Where to start?

The weekend in Prague I had always dreamed of, but not with THAT suitcase. Talk about a nightmare, 24 kg and a broken wheel on cobble stones. We checked into Jury’s in Karlin, just north of the old town (astronomical clock). We were straight back outside to walk around the city. With James’s first time in Prague, I knew he would be astounded by the beauty of the architecture. His facial expressions didn’t disappoint! On the back of my mind I knew, once this trip is over its out to our new home in Pardubice, and I didn’t know what to expect. We had dinner in Pizza Colleseum (chain of retaurants), and they do really good pizza, fyi. Stopped in Billa on the way and picked up some beers and snacks. Sipping beer and nibbling on paprika snacks we snuggled watching tv, it was bliss.

So then came Monday morning. To the train station, with the dodgy suitcase. We bought our one way tickets and popped on the train, amidst the screams of the local weirdo. We chugged out of Prague towards Pardubice. Along this train line (towards Budapest), outside Kolín, there’s a massive facility which is home to thousands of old army tanks, trucks, migs, you name it! One of my favourite sights here. We were met at the station by a colleague and brought to check in at our new home, a dormitory studio apartment. First impressions? OMG what have I done?! We had stepped into the time warp and arrived in the 1970’s. Home sweet bleugh. Luckily I picked up a few homey bits when I was packing, some things from our old place, and as gifts at Christmas. Now, 2 weeks on, its home sweet home. It really grew on us, and its very comfortable.

With the move out of the way, I plan to focus on my work (obviously), but I also want to change my lifestyle, and my attitude to life.

Step 3: What’s the first big change?


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