An open letter to Minister for Justice Alan Shatter

You should be ashamed of yourself. In what universe does closing Garda stations, and pushing the protectors of the peace to the edge count as fighting crime? There is a reason people like An Garda Síochána have they pay they do, it’s for travel expenses, boots that are cheap and wear through after 3 months on the beat, replace the shoddy equipment that your Department keep purchasing, and to raise their own families. People like you, Minister, do not deserve your salary. If each politician took a substantial pay cut, those 95 Garda stations may not need to be closed. Have you considered that? Oh what hardship for your family if you reduced your pay to a “meager” € 40,000 per anum. If you are a representative of the people, surely should you not set the example of civilised living, and refuse to take the ridiculous pay you receive for sitting on your arse, making the lives of hundreds and thousands of Gardaí miserable. The law in Ireland is an absolute joke, let me show some examples:

1. A criminal rammed into a Garda car and hit some Gardaí, causing the loss of an unborn child, community service sentence.

2. Convicted repeat rapist released for Christmas following a 4 month sentence. Well that’ll stop him for repeating his offence.

3. A man placed the wrong windows in his house, as they differed from his planning permission, 6 months in prison.

4. A man continuously raping his daughter over 10 years, walks free? The only reason that was changed was due to public uproar.

How thick do you have to be to let convicted fellons walk free, to the horror of their victims who are generally at the hearings? Is it not obvious that by closing rural Garda stations you are leaving people vulnerable in their own homes, which is evident from the spate of burglaries on elderly people deep in the rural countryside.

You have obviously sold your soul to the euro, no-one respects you or your authority. Your department is an absolute joke. Your logic in making these decisions is unfounded. Enjoy your massive unnecessary pension you fool, while others are out on the street starving, and being victimised by brutal criminals. The problem with Ireland is no change is brought in to law unless there is a tragic occurance, like Mrs. Halapanavar’s death in hospital following the refusal of a termination of her non viable child. This is a horrible example of how politiciains in Ireland are not working together for a better country, they are caught up in the petty arguments between rival parties. For god sake, cop on you bunch of twats, stop ruining our country.



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