Oh carbs, how I miss thee…

So it’s been a grueling start to the week. I was knocked for six by a stupid head cold over the weekend. The last thing I wanted to eat was more friggin lettuce!! I got a bit frustrated with the lack of variety in my diet, which for the past week had been cheese, meat, salad (sleep, repeat). For a foodie such as myself, this is a nightmare. But nonetheless, I can see the results already, the upside.

So I looked into the allowed food for the induction phase, and the internet saved me. I found amazing recipes online from other Atkins suffragettes, such as pizza (dough made from ground pork rinds and eggs) and mashed fauxtatoes (awesome recipes). I also discovered such a thing as spaghetti squash, which I am really looking forward to, once I can get my hands onto it!

spag squash


Spaghetti squash (this is not my image)

I took a trip to the local giant supermarket with the hopes of finding some awesome new things. They don’t sell pork rinds, this made me sad. However, I did find diabetic sweets which are made with sugar alcohols rather than suger, and so have lower net carb counts (carbs-fibre). I have also tasted diabetic dark chocolate, and my faith has been renewed!

So what’s next? Phase 2. In this phase I can increase my daily carb intake by 5g per week. So I will be working from 25 g of net carbs, to 45 g of net carbs. I see a long and arduous ladder but, I have lost blubber, so I can’t really complain. I look forward to nuts, berries and yogurts, especially since I can make atkins friendly cheesecake (nom nom). Maybe toasted nuts could be a healthier alternative for the pork rinds in the pizza base. We shall see. I can say now, this week will be the hardest, although the though of potato like sides to food is just mouth watering! Happy eating folks 🙂


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