Phase 2, finally!

I have had my 2 week induction on Atkins. All I can say is thank you to those people who have posted ingenious recipes online (as per my last post). Phase 1 is the scariest thing I think I have ever read. It was so challenging especially in the first few days, where the change to fat burning happens. But I did it! And celebrated with some new clothes at the weekend. So, now I am ready for you phase 2!

What delights await me? Yogurts, berries, and nuts. I had my first yogurt yesterday, boy oh boy, did it taste good. It was just a plain one, but, wow, delightful. For dinner then I had a delicious steak in a beer house, like Porterhouse bars at home. The restaurant from last night had the most delicious flap steak, and most importantly, had an egg with it- no sides of potatoes of fries offered, it was mouth watering!

One challenge most Atkins participants endure, is the sheer lack of Atkins friendly menu’s, especially in obscure parts of Eastern Europe. The local Indian was a great choice last week, with lamb kebab, and cheesed spinach. I would love to explore more Czech restaurants, but the diet consists mostly of meat and bread.

On Atkins the upcoming Shrove Tuesday (pancake Tuesday) will be difficult. I don’t think I’ve ever missed a pancake Tuesday! Browsing through the Atkins carb counter, I spotted I can have nuts and meals (flours), which opens the possibility of pancakes made from almond flour! I have never made them before (jump in if you have, would love some advice), but I am looking forward to it. Just in time phase 2, as I can also have lemon juice! I may even attempt to make cocoa cream (cream and un-sweetened cocoa powder) for my almond pancakes, or melted diabetic chocolate! I’m salivating already!

So phase 2 continues for about 5 weeks. So far (in just 2 weeks) my skinny jeans are baggy, and my t-shirts aren’t clingy! In figures, -2″ from waist, -2″ from thighs. These are my weight loss indicators, I haven’t measured the rest just yet. Nonetheless, this is a great start for me! Sometimes what’s on the outside affects us on the inside, now I know that shouldn’t happen in an ideal world, but in a world where body image is something that can make or break you (as pounded into our faces daily, by the media) it happens. We as humans can be very silly.


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