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No, not again

So after my fun experience with Atkins, it’s starting to happen again. I have put on fat. Ew. Gross. I had a super busy schedule, which left me high and dry in stress land, which naturally led to a lot of muffin making, and eating whatever I wanted to feel better. I also stopped going out, and isolated myself trying to bring down ┬ámy stress levels. This has been another downfall. I think I join the ranks of millions who have a toxic relationship with food, and not with exercise.

So what will I do. Is dieting the answer? No, not alone. Dieting trains you to eat a certain way, and since the delicate balance of life within your body can be affected, chose a diet wisely. Currently I am starting weight watchers, using the new propoints system, which I have heard so much about. I am also doing to work outs at home for muscle toning, but this is not enough. So, my next step is to increase my cardio. After my last trip home, I brought my workout gear with me. I am still no expert at the Czech language, so I will probably avoid classes. The weather is improving, and there are some nice woods nearby, and a park. My next adventure will be running. Oh god no. Not that, anything but that. This is screaming in my head. But I have had enough. I just want to be back to my old happy, non-wobbly self.

Along with running, I will swim. I love swimming, and its super relaxing. My local pool also has a gym, so I may use this also. My new aim is to keep track of my exercise, and update my weight/measurements every week. I really need to see progress to commit myself to this for the long term.