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A year in review. A tale of two parts.

Part 1: Sciencey science science
So it’s been a while, eh? Many things have happened in the past year. My research took a new direction, and so far so good! A review paper was accepted, and I’ll be starting an internship with a leader in my field in the coming months.
With my focus back onto science; chemistry is awesome. My results to date are pretty interesting as far as monolith productions go. This year I will need at least 3 papers; 1 from July 2013 to now, 1 for my internship, and 1 before the year is out. Then we welcome 2015. Then we leave and move to a new adventure somewhere out there. Somewhere, the perfect place is waiting to be discovered. And the perfect separation column! 🙂

Part 2: The eternal battle
In the past year my relationship with food has changed. For the better. I think. After finishing with Atkins, I just eat better food, and I eat smarter. In total I lost 15 kg, and I have kept it off (except for the Christmas trip home). The relationship I had with food before was that anything goes. I’ll fix it later. Now however, with pretty good blood chemistry, I eat much healthier food, and everything is made from scratch.
I returned home for 2 weeks over the Christmas period. I was quite shocked at how easy I fell into bad habits. Again, everything went. I did try, but the binge period was here. I WANT BREAD. I still eat bread, but only when I know I’ll be exercising. I didn’t exercise, so I gained about 3.5 kg. I’m still under 65 kg (10 stone), which is brilliant for me.
My new challenge, to get back running, and improve my fitness level. I plan 3 trips per week. Then more bread. And fresh Pizza. With proper Italian flour. And Cheese.